10 Minutes to Tranquility

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you experiencing feelings of sadness, fatigue and disappointment?

Are you seeking relief from stress and tension?

You can reach your happy and healthy place in just 10 minutes.

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As a sought-after speaker and author, Dr. Michelle Clay, DO is a holistic physician, Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Clinical Nutritionist (CHHC) who specializes in the release and management of stress and its associated symptoms. Through her company FREELIFE7, her work enhances people’s lives by harmonizing all dimensions of wellness through wellness coaching programs and seminars to help stressed out and burned out professionals find their happy, and healthy place to live the life they envision. Dr. Michelle shares her unique brand with others on her YouTube channel with “Mindset Monday with Dr. Michelle” and “Wednesday’s Wellness Wisdom Pearl”.