Wellness Wisdom: Take A Leap

March 1, 2016


Today marks a special day, a day that only comes every 4 years; February 29th Leap Day.

It is a good time to reflect on where you were 4 years ago and your evolution to present day. To make best use of the energy of a leap day, meditate on something that you wish to leap forward in your life. Assess where you would like to create more time and energy for something and set your intention and resolve to attain it. Create an opportunity to “leap” forward in this moment in time and play “catch up” in your life if necessary; right any wrongs and harmonize any disharmonies.  A leap day allows extra time to accomplish things, be more productive and leap over obstacles. An extra day to love, to release, to forgive. An extra day to commit to self-love and improved health to yourself – get on the good foot!

Take a lesson from the grasshopper: grasshopper symbolism recognizes tremendous leaps of faith, impressive jumps in progress and consistent forward momentum. An adult grasshopper can leap ten times its length in height and 20 times its length. A man up to a grasshopper's hop-to-length standards could clear a five-story building, or leap the length of a football field in three jumps. Aim high, and achieve amazing feats; take great leaps where others fear to tread (or jump, in this case). When the grasshopper is ready to jump, it relaxes the leg muscles, allowing the spring to release its energy and catapults its body into the air. For us that translates to:

  1. RELAX – focus on your breath. Inhale to the count of 4, hold it, then exhale to the count of 8.

  2. RELEASE – release the things that no longer serve you, that are holding you back. Everything has an expiration date. Release the energy of your full potential. Release your ideas that they may be converted from thoughts to things.

  3. LEAP – knowing that when you leap you may fly; you may soar but you also may fall on a soft more comfortable place than your past comfort zone.

Tony Robbins wrote, “The resources we need to turn our dreams into reality are within us, merely waiting for the day when we decide to wake up.” Is today the day that you wake up? Is today the day you take a chance on you? Is today the day you start your business, face your fears, make the phone call? Is today the day you take the leap?


Wellness Wisdom Pearl:

Something can put a little extra pep in your step is Siberian Ginseng AKA Eleuthero:


*Improves ability to cope with stress


 *Improves mental performance and              alertness


 *Enhances quality of work under                                                                                                          stressful conditions                                          

                                                                                      *Stimulates the immune system


                                                                                     *Increases vitality and energy level  






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