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A complimentary 15-minute consultation to begin the process of creating your burnout to balance blueprint and your next wellness success story.

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FREELIFE Power Hour Wellness Coaching

Has stress and tension overtaken you resulting in the inability to balance life and work?

Are you experiencing physical symptoms such as headaches, muscular tension, and digestive issues as a result of stress?

Are you ready to reach the light at the end of the tunnel but don't know how to get to it?

This laser-focused power hour coaching session is just what you need to gain clarity on the necessary next steps to create a healthy and stress FREELIFE.


1-hour Coaching Session with Dr. Michelle 


Burnout to Balance Blueprint - a customized blueprint for you to meet your wellness goals, release stress and ease the feelings of overwhelm.

Incorporates mindfulness-based techniques and nutrition.


Goal Achieving Template - a step by step template to help you achieve

your goals in small doable/achievable steps to SHIFT your MINDSET to:   




One 15-minute Accountability/Implementation Call

 FREELIFE Reset VIP Wellness Coaching

This is a more intense level of coaching for the high performer who is looking to uplevel their life and make lasting changes. If your life has become too chaotic and overwhelming, this intense coaching program will help you reset to manifest your vision and create stress freedom and balance.


        Power Hour Wellness Coaching


        Weekly accountability session for 3 months


        Goal Achievement Template


        Customized Nutritional Plan


        FREELIFE Farmacy Recipe Rolodex


       1 Customized Herbal Formulation (tonic, tincture or tea)


       1 jar of Exclusive FREELIFE7 "Release" line of teas


       "Conquering the Chaos" Book


       Access to Dr. Michelle  



Stress FREELIFE Boot Camp

The Stress FREELIFE Boot Camp is your 4-week all-access pass to discover how other women who were once frustrated and overwhelmed and at a crossroads in life, have built successful and happy lives just by learning how to strategize, prioritize and give themselves permission to live an abundant stress FREELIFE. It is the first “do-it-with-you” online coaching program exclusively for "Super Wonder Women" to have a safe place to release stress and create balance and harmony and a lifestyle of total wellness.



Areas of Expertise and Interests:
*Stress Shifting Strategies*
          *Wellness/Life Coaching*          
                *Purification/Detoxification Programs*            ​