Release Recharge

Online Master Course

Recharge Your Health, Power and Purpose

November 2016

Are you ready to unlock your full potential?

Are you ready to be the person you have always envisioned yourself to be: strong and healthy in your body, clear in thought and confident in your purpose?

If the answer is yes, then now is the time to Release and Recharge your life!

This 6 week online Master Course will give you the tools, strategies and support you need to recharge your health, personal healing power and purpose.
This online master course is a culmination of my personal experiences on my wellness journey and as I help and serve others on theirs.  I was like you, tired, sluggish and longing to feel like my 25 year old self. I was also searching in life for why I was really here. At one point, I was disenfranchised with medicine and no longer wanted to be a doctor. I did not know "what I wanted to be when I grew up". 
The more I began to focus on my physical healing from uterine fibroids and severe anemia, it was like a flower blooming for the first time. The healthier I was getting in my body, my mind started to clear. The old wounds that had never completely healed, the scab was finally staring to peel off. A completely new view of my life and purpose began to unveil; and it was wonderful!
The wisdom and power was inside of me the entire time, I just needed to release waste and toxicity to unearth it.
I transitioned from only focusing on my physical wellness, to growing in my relationships, reconciling with family members and beginning a business that is a true reflection of my gifts, calling and purpose!
So I offer you this gift of the Release Recharge Online Master Course in 6 weeks what took me 8 years to discover. 


What is this Master Course:
                           6 Weeks of Live Web-based Courses Recorded for your reference and to  process the information at your pace. We will go through the 7 dimensions of wellness (physical, spiritual, emotional, social, environmental, intellectual, occupational), as well as the emotions connected to each system giving you a holistic 360* wellness experience.

                                                          Release Your Stress

                                            Awaken your Physician Within

                                    Activate your optimum Healing Power


                                            Week 1  Release Anger/Resentment

                                                       How to cleanse the liver


                                       Week 2  Release the Past

                                                       How to cleanse and purify the digestive tract


                                       Week 3  Let it go Let it Flow

                                                       How to cleanse the kidneys


                                      Week 4   Recharge Your Immune System

                                                      How to purify and strengthen blood and lymphatic system

                                      Week 5 & 6 Free your Mind Free your Life 
                                                  How to purify and strengthen your nervous system, shift your mindset. 
PLUS Bonuses:

  • Access to a premier Holistic Physician

  • Access to a Private Community

  • Weekly Group Coaching  for support and accountability. Teamwork makes the dream work!

  • FREELIFE7's Food Therapy Recipes - know how to use your food as your medicine

  • (1) 8 oz. jar of Release Recharge Tea, an exclusive FREELIFE7 formulation with Hibiscus, Moringa, Cinnamon and other herbs  

The investment for this life changing and purpose awakening experience is valued at: $997


The beauty of this program is connection. You are not alone! Being connected to people of like mind and spirit and who have been where you are. Not only the experience of knowing how to build the bridge to reach the other side, but the materials to build it. 


"Dr. Clay's natural approaches for treating my severe level of fatigue was phenomenal. Dr. Clay was able to implement dietary changes, nutritional supplements and wholistic health approaches to elevate my energy level within a few days. I was able to resume my jogging activities and as needed heavy lifting activities. Her approaches were well worth my time, money and effort."

                                                                   Eric Jackson, PhD., R.P.T.

"Now I know how to help and heal myself. I feel free!"

Yvonne D.