Happy New Year!

Everyone is getting ready for a new year and a new you. Making resolutions to lose weight, exercise, meditate, quit smoking whatever. But do you have a concrete plan to achieve your goals?

Just thinking about it can cause stress.

  • How can I do this?

  • Can I follow through?

  • Can I keep up this lifestyle?

  • There is so much temptation, how can I resist?

  • I don't have anyone to encourage me!


Does this sound like you?

Do you have these concerns and anxieties?

The answers to your questions and the calm for your angst is:


The Resolution Revolution

This is a FREE 5 day Challenge to help be the support and push you need to achieve your goals/intentions/resolutions.

This challenge will provide strategies to:

  • Develop a concrete plan to take action

  • Support to guide you every step of the way

  • Release the stress and pressure that comes with change

  • Provide a roadmap to help you on your journey and avoid detours

  • A free workbook to help you outline your goal and a plan to achieve it

  • Private group with daily teaching and coaching with Dr. Michelle

  • Begins January 2, 2017

Ready to get started? Register for this free challenge and download your resolution workbook NOW!